Plainfield, CT Chinese Restaurant

New Hong Kong Star

Dining that won’t put a dent in your wallet.
With a wide selection of lunch specials, combination platters, and exotic drinks and cocktails, there’s something for every appetite that won’t break your budget.

You don’t have to wait around for a delicious meal.
Call in your takeout order ahead of time and pick up a hot meal on the way home from work. Your family will thank you.

Not sure what to get?
Don’t worry if you just can’t decide. A single bite of any dish will have you convinced and ready to come back. You’ll be hooked and flying through the rest of our menu in no time.

Get to know New Hong Kong Star:

  • Menu – Browse our menu and decide what to try this time around
  • Specials – Daily lunch specials, combination platters, chef’s suggestions, and more

With great food comes great drink.
For the full dining experience, wash your sesame chicken down with a delicious, exotic drink or cocktail.

Looking for great food, great prices, or both? Come down to New Hong Kong Star, located at 69 Lathrop Road, or call your order in ahead of time at 860-564-8498 and have hot, tasty takeout ready by the time you get here.

Plainfield, CT - New Hong Kong Star - Chinese Restaurant
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